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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Restoration Review

As I say in my Amazon review, I very nearly wall-banged this one midway simply because the main character, Robert Merivel, seemed so self-absorbed and foolish. But I decided to give poor Robert one more chance to redeem himself, and fortunately for him (and me), he did. I would not say he completely changed his life, but it was indeed a major radical reform for a man who once believed a simple blackbird was an Indian Nightingale. Rose Tremain is a good author, whose prose keeps you engaged even when you are despising the character's lack of moral fiber. I read this one because the yahoogroup historical_favorites, of which I'm a member, is reading it soon and I figured this would be a great opportunity to get it out of Mt. TBR. And while I cannot say it's a favorite read, it was overall fairly engaging and I can recommend it to those who like historical fiction in particular.
Here's the link to my amazon review:
And now on to decidedly lighter fare--Georgia Nicolson's back in Love is a Many Trousered Thing and I'm already laughing at her fabbity-fab life. :)


Lover of Books said...

Who wrote the Gerogia Nicholson book? It sounds really good and what is the first in the series?

Taminator said...

Louise Rennison is the author. They are a scream!