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Friday, July 27, 2007

Definitely Dead

I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. I'd made a mental promise to myself to get to 45 books for the year by the end of the summer, and right now I've finished #47, Definitely Dead. For some reason at the beginning of this year, my reading had really slowed down and I'd only gotten to #25 when the summer began. So I'm officially pleased with myself that I've gone beyond my own self-imposed goal, and now I'd like to see #50 before that dreaded date of returning to school (which I'm sooooo in denial about!). Go, me!
Definitely Dead picks up the story of barmaid and telepath Sookie Stackhouse (don't you just love her name?) after the death of her estranged cousin, Hadley (who was also a vampire). Sookie is called in to clean up her cousin's estate, as well as deal with the vampire queen of Louisiana. This being our beloved Sookie (and the sixth book in the series), naturally things don't go smoothly and her life is in mortal danger a few times throughout the book. My biggest personal disappointment is the lack of relationship between Sookie and Eric the vampire (but yes, I still have a soft spot for Bill!). I suppose I like Quinn, her current squeeze (and weretiger) well enough, but he just isn't doing it for me like the vamps do. I can't get excited about a bald guy, even if I do try to picture him as looking like Chris Daughtry. I miss my vampires! However, I've got book #7 sitting here waiting for me, and it may be the next one I pick up. The preview for it at the back of this book had Sookie sitting in Eric's office with several vamps so hopefully they will be more of the focus. We'll see.
Anyway, overall I enjoyed Definitely Dead; its humor is great and the story itself is good, even if it does seem to wander a bit at times (hello? missing child sideplot? why?). I reviewed it at amazon at this link:
I picked up Private Peaceful because it's short (200 pages) and it looked good but when I was reading it this afternoon I was having to force myself on through it. :( I will finish it, but I'm not exactly enjoying it. But at least it'll be a solid #48 on my list! Hey, at least I can accomplish another goal, right?

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