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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mercy's Back!

Frost Burned is a return to form for our Mercy, walker and mate to Alpha Adam Hauptman. Echoing what others have said about River Marked, I was hopeful when Frost Burned came out that we'd get back to more pack and local fae in this edition. Thankfully, that's just what happened, with Mercy's pack being abducted; she must turn to those we've known and loved for help, with all the shades of good and evil they contain.

What I Loved: I love Mercy's in charge spirit, and I love her relationship with Adam. I adore that she hasn't allowed her marriage to change how she interacts with everyone, and that she is non-apologetic for who she is. I loved the references to stories told in the past, which gives the story continuity and depth. I loved that we got plenty of Stefan and the vampires, and got to interact with both Tad and Zee. The story unfolded believably, with the layers finally being revealed in such a way that I could go, "Oh, yeah, that makes sense." Briggs hasn't lost sight of those of us who have been around for the long haul, and her nods to Mercy's history and ties to family were greatly appreciated.

What I Didn't Love: Well...I really can't think of anything. I could say that Mercy's headstrong behavior that puts her in constant danger made me mad, but really it didn't's Mercy. If I'm being very nitpicky, I could say the way Sylvia sort of changed her mind midway bugged me, but even that's a stretch. Everyone is so well written that I feel like I know these people intimately, and I accept them, foibles and all.

What I especially love about the Mercy Thompson series is the lack of cursing and graphic sex; Ms. Briggs tells a very engaging story without resorting to either, a rarity for the genre. And that final fight scene? Without giving anything away, I'll say that Briggs did an admirable job showing Mercy's strengths against those who would seem to be more powerful. I'm definitely on board for more Mercy...let's hope we don't have to wait two years for the next installment.