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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random Thoughts on School....

Well, I'm back at work. I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude but there are lots of little annoying things that are bugging me. We have a new assistant principal, a lady who WAS a principal last year but was demoted. Isn't that scary? We've been that route before at our school and it wasn't a pretty site. I'm hopeful that maybe it was just a bad fit at her other school, but we'll see.

There's also a second assistant principal roaming the halls...he's a former superintendent from Indiana who was hired on by Pedro and is "shadowing" our principal for a few weeks. This makes me nervous. Hopefully he's not here to take over for our principal....better the devil you know, right?

Anyway, I'll update tomorrow on how the first day went. Hopefully things will pass calmly. My friend Lynn says she's adopting MY motto: It'll be okay. When did this become my motto? I wasn't present at that meeting.