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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love Me Some Morganville Vampires!

First Observation: I absolutely adore Myrnin. Whew, glad to get that off my chest.

Second Observation: The Morganville Vampire series just does not get stale. Just when you think there is nowhere left to go, Rachel Caine takes us in new directions that seem utterly hopeless. This time, things are rocky from the start, with Amelie and Oliver as a couple (ewwww), determined to keep the human population in its place. That's bad enough, but the humans are starting to rebel, causing enemies to become friends and making targets of our four heroes, especially now that Eve and Michael have committed the ultimate sin--a human has married a vampire. Trying to walk the middle ground becomes next to impossible, and our beloved Myrnin sees the writing on the wall and decides to leave Morganville. Or does he? And what the heck are all these feelings going around? It's a tangled mess fueled by the undead undead Naomi, determined to bring her sister Amelie down however possible.

I love that the relationships between Shane and Claire, Eve and Michael, and Claire and Myrnin have continued to grow realistically, even if Shane does need a smack upside the head on occasion. There are some surprising connections made throughout the book, but nothing is out of character except what is being forced by the vamps in charge.The points of view continue to shift among the main characters, giving us good insight into their mindsets, and needless to say, I adored whenever Myrnin took his turn at describing his dire circumstances. Loved the conflicts, both inner and between the characters; loved that Claire has a backbone and knows what she wants. I'm going to be on edge waiting for the next installment to find out where she ends up.

Final Observation: Despite a bit of meandering into a ghost side story involving Miranda (well done mostly, though I never liked the film crew), Bitter Blood is just further evidence that there are some outstanding young adult paranormal series still going strong because their authors aren't afraid to take risks with beloved characters and situations. I would actually give Bitter Blood a strong 4.5 stars, marred only by an odd film crew and no real resolution (yet) for Jason. Minor, minor issues for a series that is head and shoulder above the rest.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rebel Hearts

Rebel Hearts is the second in the Dust Lands series, and Saba is back, trying to make peace with her actions from Blood Red Road. She's rescued twin Lugh, but he's just not the same since he was taken, and Jack has taken off, though promising to meet up with them soon. Along with Tommo and Emmi, the small group starts off on their journey away from the Tonton but soon run into a spiritualist named Auriel, who leads Saba to understand that Jack is in danger. So Saba being Saba, she sets off alone on a rescue mission, not realizing that Lugh and the others will not allow her to make the trek alone.

Action filled, Rebel Hearts is just that--what happens when a heart refuses to accept what seems like betrayal and does what it has to do. I love Saba's voice and her headstrong ways, even if at times I do want to yell and scream for some of her choices. It seems that everyone is constantly in danger throughout Rebel Hearts; Saba most of all when she makes some rash choices. I wasn't a fan of what happened with DeMalo and it was quite out of character for Saba, but I do think it's going to ultimately be an interesting twist. I absolutely adore both Nero and Tracker; I love how Saba's interactions with animals adds to the story; in fact, Nero has become as central to the story to me as any of the humans.

I'm giving this one 4/5 stars, which actually could be rounded up to 4.5, given that option. The frustrations I felt when Saba continually did things I knew she'd either regret or would place her in danger keeps me from bestowing the full five stars. But this is a strong sequel, leading us to more insight into the emotions of the characters, and setting us up for ultimate showdowns in the final book. Recommended.