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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thank the Flea!

I actually finished this book a couple of weeks ago and am just now clarifying my feelings on it. On one hand, I loved the interaction of the key characters I've grown to love, but on the other, there were a few things that bugged me so much I needed time to think whether or not I truly enjoyed it. So here's what I thought, and take it from the point of view of someone who truly loves Snyder's writing and stories.

The story picks up with Avry and Kerrick still in battle against evil in several forms, but mostly against Tohon. It doesn't take long for the pair to become separated again, however, and that's a problem in more than one way. Avry has to decide how she can best serve the battle and that means continuing on after she's searched for Kerrick; Kerrick, meanwhile, has the forest to thank for his healing but it's got a very large condition...he can no longer leave without severe consequences. By the time the two meet up again, there's been a shift in who is the most evil with the Skeleton King pretty much taking the crown for that dubious title. There's more travel, a friend or two is found, and there is torture and illness. It's not really a lot of fun, but it makes sense as far as the storyline goes.

I found the bits with the well-documented torture to be the hardest to read and almost stomach-turning at times. That's not a huge deal, however, because there is indeed a war going on. I suppose my biggest issue is with the ending, so read no further if you want to avoid spoilerage.

I just felt that too much was left hanging. Sure, the main two bad guys were taken down, but what about Cellina? Is she going to remain a threat or will she fade off into the sunset as was implied? I also didn't like not seeing the resolution to Kerrick's situation, even if Avry did explain it. I also felt deprived of the actual scene where Avry emerges from the Lily. In truth, most of the ending felt rushed and not well-tied up. Maybe there's another book coming? It's really hard to tell, though it *seemed* as though it was the final in the trilogy.

But there's still a lot to love, including the monkeys, the relationships, and the fighting. I simply love saying "Thank the Flea!" now, and overall, I suppose I'm satisfied. I'd actually give this one a 3.5, but my enjoyment of the series rounds it up to 4.