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Monday, July 30, 2007

All Together Dead

I'm all caught up on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, having completed All Together Dead last night. Definitely better than the last book in the series (Definitely Dead), this one centers on the vamps and a Mid-West summit meeting they are attending. Our friend Sookie is brought along for her telepathic abilities and naturally, murder and mayhem ensue. There was much more of sexy vampire Eric (thank goodness!) and though I do like Quinn, he's just not who I want Sookie to be with. This book is definitely darker than the last couple, and it ends on a bit of an emotional cliffhanger. Now I have to wait until next May (geez louise, that's a long time!) for the next installment. But by visiting the author's website, I was able to learn that HBO is planning a series called True Blood based on this series. Apparently Anna Paquin is going to play Sookie. This *might* be worth investing in HBO for.
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Now I picked up Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Dark so far, it's an interesting premise of a teen girl who is fey, and the faeries who are tormenting her. I think it'll be a quick read.

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