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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Of Auras and Other Stuff

I've been recently conversing online with a buddy who is an author about her friend who can "read" past lives. Well, perhaps that's not precisely the way it should be stated; she doesn't do regressions--she can sense what happened at a certain point in history by "tuning in" to the correct psychic frequency. My friend does sessions with her friend for background use in her novels. After having been privileged enough to read many of these notes, I can honestly say I believe her friend is really accessing these people. She is also able to see auras around others.

So my next question is: Is this a gift you are born with or one you can acquire? I would love to be able to access historical figures because I'm nosy to begin with. Though at times the friend finds some things so unpleasant they make her physically ill, I do think I could probably handle it. Imagine being able to know who really killed the princes in the tower, or who Mona Lisa actually was. The possibilities seem endless!

I have to admit that I'm not particularly good at feeling vibes, though I think I might could be if I applied myself. But part of me wonders if, in my case, it would be more wishful thinking or my own projections than really tuning into the true vibes of a person or place? Can these things be taught and/or learned? The enquiring mind needs to know.


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