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Friday, March 02, 2007

Amazon Review??

As you know, I'm an avid reviewer at I'm not precisely sure how many I've done over the years, but I have 14+ pages of reviews to sort through when I want to look at the books I've read (with the minor exceptions of books I reviewed for Simon and Schuster that weren't "reviewable" on Amazon before the publication date). Anyway, in all that time, every review I've done has been immediately viewable on the book site, or at least among my list of reviews I've done. However, I reviewed Sandra Worth's Fall From Grace last night and it has yet to show up on either list. Now this would not be a major tragedy but still, I took a lot of time and energy to write the review and I'd hate to have to redo it (and of course I will if it's not up by tomorrow). Wonder what's up?

And just as an aside, 7th graders are a pain. Just thought I needed to share.


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