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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Middle School Teachers...

Apparently the NY Times has decided that middle school teachers are a special breed. Well, duh. How many people do you know would willingly face a class full of surly, social, insecure adolescents on a daily basis, trying to improve their character and test scores at the same time? And while I complain continuously about them, I cannot imagine teaching another grade level, because frankly, who knows what you're going to get from day-to-day: the upset, the silly, the agressive, or the shy? I find middle schoolers the most frustrating people on the face of the earth, but also the most interesting.

Anyway, here's the article, and it's food for thought. Yes, I definitely agree that people who consider teaching middle schoolers should have special training or else they'll be eaten alive. I've seen it happen too often. Right now we have the nicest man on our staff, trying to teach these urchins, and they basically run amok every day in his class because he just doesn't have "it." And if I knew what "it" was, I'd bottle it and sell it and retire to Hawaii tomorrow.

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