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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Short Review

This is a short review of a book I grabbed from school entitled Dance With a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber. The book is an ARC so I can't review it on amazon, but I'll give it a go here. It's the story of Raven, a Goth teen, and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander. Apparently it's the 4th book in a series (which I didn't realize when I scarfed it from our librarian), but it was easy to follow. It's definitely light reading, and full of teenage romance/angst. Raven and Alexander are faced with a pint-sized vampire named Valentine who is bent on revenge for his older brother and sister who were driven out of the town (aptly titled Dullsville). I see this book as sort of a light introduction to the idea of vampires, and since I'm currently enamored of them (thank you, Edward Cullen, from Stephenie Meyer's superb books Twilight and New Moon), I think it's a highly appropriate introduction for middle schoolers. Not great reading, but entertaining, and that's the main thing. I won't be searching out the others in the series, but I would feel very comfortable recommending them to any of my middle school students.


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