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Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Old...

To paraphrase a line from Hannah: "Whelp. Hey. I'm old." Now naturally she didn't say she's old, but her "Whelp, hey" bit can be heard frequently around our house. And what else can I say when stating the obvious? Geez louise, how on earth did I get to be 43?

Lots of things are pounding this home for me lately. Today's clincher is the realization that my contact lens prescription has changed yet again. Arrgh. My eyes can't seem to settle in one stage. What's up with that? Now I've got to make an appointment with Dr. Fred (the world's best eye doctor) to get my lenses adjusted...and what else on my body needs adjusting these days?? LOL

Can we talk peri-menopause for a moment? Good gracious, no one warned me about this crap. My mother swears she didn't have a single symptom of menopause--just bang, it's over. (I know she's lying but sometimes self-deception is a coping mechanism). The night sweats (yuck), the mood swings, the periods...Gott in Himmel, the periods. They are coming fast, furious and flooding. Geez. Thirty plus years is enough already and now I've got to put up with this? In addition, the cosmos has dictated that the periods from hell=anemia for me, so that's a whole 'nother piece of the pie to deal with. Geez again.

And I'm becoming set in my ways. Schedule changes just irritate the snot out of me. I like my days orderly; I don't like change. I can envision myself years from now, sitting in my easy chair like my Uncle Wes, living day-to-day with the same things. Better do something about that while I still can...

Anyway, today I was informed that my computer lab at school will be "borrowed" by several groups of teachers for inservices this summer, thus thwarting my end-of-the-year routine and taking control of my environment out of my hands. Gah. I wasn't nice to the lady, though I'm sure she's a nice enough person; I just cannot stand the thought of anyone in my domain, messing with my lab, upsetting the apple cart as it were. Ha. I'm hiding the speakers. Let her deal with that! Bwahahahaha....

Well, I suppose next week, once school is out, I'll feel more energized and will realize that 43 really isn't old and I will realize that adapting to change is what makes life interesting. Or at least I can hope that's what's going to happen. If it doesn't, I'm in serious trouble here, lol.

And as dear little Katherine told me this morning, I'm not really old until I turn 50. That brings a very evil grin to my face for some reason.



Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Hey, what's with the 'old' I turned 50 in March!
I can relate to most of your symptoms - still going strong at the half century I'm afraid, although not to the point of anemia. A fortnight on though, is no compensation for 6 weeks off! The moustache hair is an interesting development. I can't understand why that should grow and my eyebrows disappear, nor why I should still be getting spots. Ho hum. Have to say though that the 'set in my ways' happened to me in my teens, twenties and thirties. I suppose it could be midlife crisis, but I have taken to wearing black and listening to extreme kinds of music. Then again it could be grim reaper syndrome a la Bill and Ted!

Taminator said...

The 50 comment was from Katherine, not me! LOL Funny how 50 really doesn't sound "old" anymore. And the spots! I should've written about those as well. I've got a major lurker on my chin right now. What is up with that???

The Taminator