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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Amazing Life of Birds

No, it's not really about birds, but there are birds in it. Confused yet? This is a young adult book by Gary Paulsen, who wrote one of my all-time favorite young adult books, Harris and Me. This little gem chronicles the pubescent life of poor Duane "Doo Doo" Leech in journal form. While this is a very funny book,it's also a bit poignant as Duane realizes he's changing in both mind and body and if it's embarrassing, it's bound to happen. I'm planning on sharing this one with my 12 year old nephew tomorrow and I predict he'll find it hilarious. My review on Amazon hasn't posted yet, so I'll have to do the link once I see it.

Our week of band concerts is successfully behind us! Only Katherine's piano recital left and then we can breathe for a bit. It's a good thing school's almost out as most of our students have indeed lost their minds...even the good kids seem to be pushing the limits here at the end of the school year. I definitely need the summer to regroup!

Tomorrow we are headed to my mom's for lunch for Mother's Day. Monday is her 81st birthday--I can hardly believe it as she still runs circles around me. She's one tough lady! And busy...I think she's headed to Mackinac Island sometime toward the end of the month. I hope I can be as active when I'm her age.


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