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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What's A Ghoul To Do?

I accomplished a rarity (for me these days) this weekend---I picked up a novel and read the entire thing in one weekend (and no, it wasn't a YA novel). It was just so much fun and the pages flew by. It's the first in a new series by Victoria Laurie called What's A Ghoul To Do? and I really enjoyed it--it was just the right amount of brain candy I needed right now. It's a paranormal mystery with liberal doses of humor and romance thrown in and perfect for an engrossing read. Here's the link to my amazon review:

I picked up my next tbr_challenge book, Sean Astin's There and Back Again, mostly to fuel my Lord of the Rings obsession and to fulfill my May goal. It's started off a bit slow, dealing with Sean's work before LOTR, which frankly at this point isn't all that interesting. I'm thinking of skipping ahead to where he actually signs on to the movies so I can get to the good stuff. I've got bits and pieces of Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers on regular tv these past two weekends and I'm having the feeling that a viewing (all 3 movies in extended form) cannot be too far off. Perhaps I'll reward myself when school's out May 25.

Did I mention school's out May 25? :)



Bookfool said...

I think you did mention school is about to end. ;)

Lover of Books said...

That sounds like a good book and I hope you enjoy your summer vacation!

Andi said...

I've been having the same LOTR craving after seeing bits the last couple of weeks.

Taminator said...

Me too! I love watching and rewatching the films. I've got Return of the King on right now. :)