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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Observations From a Band Mom Seeing People Go to a Poison Concert

I had so much fun with my Observations From the Beach, I am going to snarkily (my favorite word in all its derivative forms) share with you my observations from today. My daughter's high school band earns $ by having members and parents work parking events downtown (Predators Games, Titans Games, concerts, etc.). Tonight was the Poison concert. Yes, Poison seems to still be alive and touring. I know, I was shocked, too. And as much as I like "Talk Dirty to Me", I cannot imagine shelling out my own hard-earned dollars to attend such an event. But apparently 5000+ Nashvillians did. Whatever.

Anyway, here is my list of observations. Take heed.

  • Were all those kids going in with their parents going willingly or were they being dragged? No one was crying but that's not really an indicator. I just cannot imagine anyone under 10 belting out "Talk Dirty to Me." That's a very disturbing image in anyone's book.
  • What on earth was my daughters' orthodontist (a truly gorgeous man, btw) doing going to a Poison concert? It took me a moment to recognize him since I've never seen him outside of the office or in a t-shirt and shorts. He recognized me though. He was with two boys and another man. This puts him in a whole new light for me. I think I'll ponder it for a bit.
  • Yes, there are men STILL with mullets. The cop who was our attendant (very friendly African-American who kept me laughing) was on the lookout. When we spotted one, he announced that his day was now complete.
  • Amazing the number of people going to the concert who went to the smoking area outside the arena. I think someone needs to do a study on this.
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw had 20 big rigs for their joint concert I worked a year or so ago. Poison had one.
  • Why would a two foot tall redneck motorcycle rider refuse to pay for parking just because he was on a bike? I can squash bugs bigger than him. (he did pay, btw. I don't think he knew who he was dealing with).
  • NashVegas in the summer heat is the 8th circle of hell. This has been confirmed just now on the local Fox News station.
  • Teenagers working parking with their parents must look incredibly bored at all times. It is the law.
  • Men who are obviously past their prime shouldn't wear leather pants. Nor leather shirts.
  • Lots of mini-skirts with cowgirl boots. If you are a teen in spectacular shape, this can be cute. Not so cute on a forty plus body.
  • Poison fans must be highly delusional. People my age and older were dressed like they must've done 20 years ago. I would love to know the thought processes involved. Did they think they looked good? Did someone confirm this for them?
  • Honey, Bret Michaels is not going to look at you even if you're wearing his trademark cowboy hat. You lost that possibility when you hit menopause.
  • As the policeman said, "There goes two former groupies who refuse to let the dream die." It's time for it to die, my friends.
  • Poison does, however, attract all kinds. Besides our orthodontist and the rednecks, we saw people who looked remarkably sane; we saw handicapped and someone with "Dope Love" tattooed on her back; we saw little kids and those well past their prime. Scariest thought for me was the realization that, if AC/DC comes back to town, Jeff and I will be two of those people going to see them. Egads.



Andi said...

LOL, this cop sounds like a hoot and a half. Definitely a great way to spice up the parking lot work (great idea to raise money, by the way).

Nanci said...

Oh, you've brought back memories! My school's orchestra did this same fundraiser. My most memorable event was working concessions at a pro bodybuilding competition. THAT was an eye opener for 14-yr-old me! Some of the things I saw on that fateful day will be burned into my memory forever (and that is not a good thing!)