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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Georgia Nicolson Is At It Again

I know it says The Sugar Queen just above as "currently reading", but before I even cracked the book, the next installment in Louise Rennison's Georgia Nicolson series, Stop in the Name of Pants, arrived in the mail. So eschewing TSQ, at least temporarily, with a firm hand, I picked up SITNOP. I adore Georgia. She is Bridget Jones for the young adult set, and she is far, far funnier on a consistent basis. She is so typically a teenager with a language all her own. Where else can you find "lurking lurkers" or "Baldy-o-Grams"? This entry is just as good as the most recent ones, but I will admit to being caught up short when, as I merrily read, something of a tragic nature came along. And while it was out of character for these books, I have to say I love how Rennison inserted it and how it showed a side of Georgia previously unseen. Add her parents' troubles into the mix, and we've got maybe a *slightly* more mature Georgia, still dating Masimo (Italian Stallion and not my personal choice), hoping to break up former love Robbie and Wet Lindsay, and not yet realizing that Dave the Laugh is THE man for her. I loved this visit with the Ace Gang, but I could kick myself for gulping it down as I did because now I have to wait another entire year for the next entry. So much for not wishing my life away! Bring on more Georgia.

My amazon review, positively glowing, can be found at Currently it's the third on the page.


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