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Saturday, July 12, 2008

7 Things About Me as a Reader

My buddy Diane sent this to a booklist we both belong to, but I thought it would be fun to post on my blog as well. The idea is to just randomly list 7 things about you as a reader. Of course I probably could've thought of about 25 things, but I used the first 7 that popped into my head. And consider this your personal tag to do the same thing on your blog!

7 Things About Me As a Reader

1. I don't remember ever not wanting to read. I recall my mother reading to me when I was very little and my dad was on his way home from work. This is the greatest gift my parents gave me. My dad always said I could spend whatever I wanted on books (and I learned this lesson very, very well).

2. I used to memorize books when I was little and really couldn't read so I could "read" them.

3. I have an entire bookcase filled with books from my childhood/teen years. Those books are my oldest friends.

4. My father in law (also a bookaholic) just conceded this week that I probably have more unread books than he does. I'm not sure if this is a victory or not. :)

5. I will read just about any genre except horror. No, vampires aren't horror. I promise.

6. Sometimes I am almost overcome with despair because there are so many books I want to read and I just don't have time to get to them all.

7. I am one of the go-to people on our staff at school about books. If someone wants to know about a book, he or she comes to me. I've acquired this reputation over the course of many years--and I like it. :)'re up!


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