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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Twisted Review

Laurie Halse Anderson (whom I met a few years ago) is a gifted storyteller. Having read some of her earlier works, I was excited to get to Twisted, her newest novel of teen angst. Sometimes you get let down by a favorite author, especially when he or she has had a run of extremely well-written books that have engaged you well. Thankfully, Twisted lived up to its hype, so I can continue to believe that everything Ms. Anderson writes is going to be excellent.

I read this one in one day; the chapters are short and there's never a lag. Ms. Anderson captures the life of high school really well; my biggest gripe is the lack of ending, which keeps it from getting my highest rating. I've reviewed it at amazon at I hope you'll read my full review. I can recommend this one to everyone who loves young adult fiction.


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Andi said...

How cool that you got to meet her!!! I loved Speak when I read it, and now there are several of her others I want to get hold of. Off to read your review at Amazon!