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Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the Winner Is....

The girls and I watch Project Runway every Wednesday evening. It's one of our favorites; we love Tim Gunn, Heidi and the judges, and of course, those crazy designers. But something funny has occurred this year as we've watched; Christian, who's "kind of a big deal", has somehow morphed into our favorite, going from most irritating to most entertaining as the season has progressed. I'm now rooting for this guy to win!
Young and arrogant, Christian began by annoying the hell out of me and probably everyone else he came in contact with. And what is up with that hairstyle? As time has gone on, though, it became clear that the man's got talent, even through the designs I didn't care for. That denim outfit last week? Not something I'd normally like, but I have to admit that he did a terrific job creating an iconic outfit from Levi's jeans. Plus his on-screen antics are hysterical! You never know what's coming from him, and that's half the fun. Why didn't he just slap that silly teen a couple of episodes back? You KNOW he wanted to, and I have to say that at the beginning of the season, he just might have. Dare I say he's matured a bit? Possibly.
One of the things we love about Christian is his gifted way of saying things. So far, we've adopted three of his phrases and use them on a regular basis: "Ferosh!", "I'm not feeling fierce today", and "I'm going to die from barfyness". The man's got a way with words. And who doesn't love watching him spin and twirl as he admires his own work?
My favorite was Kevin (why on earth does one bad design = goodbye for him, and Ricky and Sweet P are stilllllll there?), but I am firmly planted in Christian's CAMP now. While Chris M. is charming and funny (and don't you think of Laurel and Hardy when seeing him with Christian?), I'm hoping the judges will see Christian's talent and at least let him make it to Bryant Park. It's a treat watching him and yeah, he IS kind of a big deal.

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