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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ugliest Cover

I came across this cover for the wonderful book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer while on goodbooks a little while ago. It's truly horrific! I swear when I first glanced at it (it was even smaller originally), I sorta thought the lockers were actually an extension of Bella's stomach. Try it. Just glance at the cover out of the corner of your eye. I bet you'll see it, too.

Not sure where/when this cover was issued, but let's hope it never sees the light of day in a bookstore again. It truly disservices the book. Not only does Bella look like one of those little claymation figures from the 60s, it makes the whole saga seem unreal because she looks unreal. I much, much prefer the cover of the copy I have.

This version seems to lend an air of mystery to the book, and the bright red just jumps off the black and white background, much as blood would do. When I look at these two polar opposite covers, I cannot imagine that they are even about the same book. I wonder if others see this the same way I do.


Andi said...

Hahaaa! I've seen this one, and you're right, it's AWFUL! I think it's the Korean version or something. Can't remember for sure.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Tammy, I HAVE this one and agree it's blek. I had to order it from the USA so I am guessing it is first print run USA hardcover and has since been changed. Who knows, might be worth lots at some point...

Bookfool said...

Wow, that's definitely an awful cover. And, isn't it fascinating how the two covers make you feel completely different about the book, itself? The first looks goofy and the second looks more magical.