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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hotter Than Hell

It is seriously hotter than hell here in Tennessee right now. I know we're not alone in this heat wave, but it's just awful. Stifling. Overwhelming. Drenching. You name it, and if it's bad, it'll apply to the heat. With actual air temps hovering at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and the humidity unbelievable, it truly feels like a sauna whenever you step outside. When I walk out to the mailbox, a short 25 feet, I feel like running just to make it back to my AC quicker. Unfortunately, I can't run because I'd need a machete to slice through the deadly air around me, so I trudge slowly, losing my will to live as I move.

One of my good friends is very pregnant right now; she's due September 7. She's miserable. Beyond miserable. Today at inservice we had to choose a picture postcard that showed how we feel right now. V. stood up and told how hers applied. It was a picture of a man with his hands held over his head in supplication, a pained expression on his face. V. said the poor man was saying it was hotter than hell. She understood his pain.

I'd much, much rather it be cold than this hot. I can always add another blanket or a sweater. In this heat, if I lose more clothing, people are going to run screaming down the streets. I get in my car and it takes ten minutes for the AC to feel as though it's actually doing something. Our upstairs AC is plugging along as best it can, but the rising heat makes its job impossible. It's doing all it can just to keep up.

It's 80 degrees at 7 a.m. That's ridiculous.

The only good thing about this heat is the fact that it gives you a topic of conversation. We're all in this together. We all understand. It's a shared bond of torture.

Bring on autumn and winter! I swear if I complain about the cold then, somebody can find me and shoot me under all my blankets and sweaters. Until then, I'll just sit here in my AC and dream of cooler days to come.



Bookfool said...

Yeah, ditto. See my post for more comments on life in the broiler. I so feel for anyone who is pregnant in this weather, especially close to due date. I see it's comfy in London. We should just dash off to England, this week. The students can do without you, right? Right?

Jeanette said...

It's the same here in Arkansas. I think bookfool has the right idea except why stop in London when you can go on to Scotland. The Edinburgh Festival is going on right now. Why am I here when I could be there? Oh yeah, money. rats!