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Thursday, August 16, 2007


I finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer earlier this week. It's the third book in the series that began with Twilight, and it was excellent. OF COURSE Bella is a drama queen; of course Edward is one hot vampire; and of course things don't go smoothly. I have to say that Jacob, Bella's werewolf friend, really irritated me (the exact opposite of what Andi, my online buddy, thought: check out her opinion here: Teens being teens, I thought Meyer captured the angst and drama fairly accurately, and I liked the interplay between natural enemies Jake and Edward, and the tense understanding they had to reach. My biggest gripe? Good Lord, if Meyer used the word "chuckled" one more time, I might've wall-banged the book! Where on earth is her editor? Grab a thesaurus, woman! It got to where I was not only expecting to see "chuckled" on every other page, I was actively looking for it (and sadly, succeeding). It really pulled me out of the story. Why doesn't anyone else ever comment on this? Anyway, you can check out my amazon review at

I'm just not reading much right now; life sucks and I'm ready for it to be over.



Andi said...

Whahaha, thanks for the link to my thoughts on the book. Great review you have here (and at Amazon!). :)

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Tammy, if you remember I commented on all the 'chuckles' in New Moon. You said back then you weren't bothered, but obviously you've become sensitized since - or else the level of "chuckle" has gone up. Yikes!
I've yet to read this, but am looking forward to it.