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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Space Between

I'm still not precisely sure what to think of The Space Between, having just finished it last night. Definitely raises a lot of questions, and gives us glimpses into some side characters of the Outlander Universe; a page turner in some ways and a bit of a slow burn in others. We're quickly introduced to recent widower Michael Murray, son of Jenny and Ian Murray, who is accompanying Joan McKimmie, daughter of Laoghaire and step-daughter of Jamie, to Paris in order to become a nun. Joan is a sweet girl with a big secret:  spoiler ahead..........she hears voices that compel her to do things, and she sees a sort of mist around those who are fated to die soon. She's hopeful that becoming a nun will help her find peace with her "gifts", while Michael is just hoping to survive without his wife.

There's so much more going on, and much of it involves the Comte de St. Germain and Master Raymond, characters we first met in Dragonfly in Amber. There's also some mistaken identity problems, some mystical stuff, and references to La Dame Blanche (Claire).All of this aligns into an interesting story, but if you are looking for great answers about anyone, you are going to be disappointed. Instead, you are going to get engaging characters with Outlander ties and a story that will leave you unsettled (in a good way).  Michael is thoroughly lovely, with his determination to do the right thing and his heartbreak over the wife he lost; Joan is sweet but unsure of herself. Of course it's wonderful to see the Comte and Master Raymond but there are no big clues here, just confirmation of what we've suspected that neither redeems nor demeans either. Mostly my appetite is whetted for more stories and more information. Gabaldon never disappoints in her writing, and this novella is a good way to tide you over the spaces between full novels.


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