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Monday, June 08, 2015

Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die

About six months have passed since the last escapade Eddie Gianelli found himself involved in, and he's finally gotten over almost being killed while helping out Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas of 1960. Still, life's been a bit dull as a pit boss at the Sands hotel, until the Rat Pack arrives back in town for the premiere of Ocean's 11. Then a girl friend of Frank's disappears from her hotel and he wants Eddie to discreetly look into the circumstances. Eager to help and a bit flattered by the attention, Eddie calls Jerry from New Jersey  to help him find out where the girl has gone. It's about that time that bodies begin turning up and it becomes very clear that Eddie is not the only one looking for Frank's girl.

Just as in the first Rat Pack mystery, the action is fast and the settings are perfect. I was easily swept back into Las Vegas of the 60s with the slang, descriptions, and actions of all the characters; Randisi's writing style is engaging and true to the era. It's fun to read a mystery that doesn't rely on today's technology to solve every detail, and adding in celebrities we think we know is just an added bonus. Eddie G admits he's not a detective, but the regular cast of characters who surround him help this man about town solve everything just in the nick of time. Just enough humor and excitement in the short chapters to keep me thoroughly entertained.


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