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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Little Outlander To Tide You Over

I'm a Lord John fan. I admit it and embrace it. So I was thrilled to find this novella about his adventures into the Canadian wilderness to stand up for his friend (but also to get out of England for a bit following a duel that went awry). It was nearly the perfect length for a recent flight, and took me right into the Outlander universe as well.

I won't waste time recounting the entire plot, other than to say Lord John finds it expedient to get out of town and when he's asked to stand up for his friend, he takes it. Once he's made it to Canada, however, he finds his cousin's husband has disappeared...after creating his own second family with a Native American woman. Lord John is nothing if not a beacon of integrity, and he does his best to set things right in this regard, and ends up taking part in a British raid on a French fort (which also involves Simon Fraser). If you are looking for a happy, upbeat slice of Lord John's life, this isn't it, but it is gritty and real.

There's a lot packed into the novella, and while it doesn't really illuminate more of the overall story, it's an excellent glimpse into what Lord John stands for and it strengthens the backstory of his life in general. I love how Gabaldon has given us a hero, although one with many secrets, who stays true to himself as best he can in any circumstance in which he finds himself. This novella will keep you engrossed with its wry humor and believable twists. Recommended.


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