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Monday, March 01, 2010

Eleventh Grade Burns...and then some!

Vlad Tod is finally a junior in high school, which should be a good thing for our favorite teen vampire, right? Unfortunately, he's got a lot on his plate right now: he's broken up with his girlfriend (so what if it's for her own good?), he's got a sort-of relationship with the girl from whom he's been drinking, his uncle is likely to be put on trial for killing another vampire, and oh, yeah, Joss, his former friend-who-is-really-a-vampire-slayer? He's back in town. Things aren't going so well.
At the time when a lot of series start to either tire out or lose steam, Heather Brewer's Vlad Tod vampire series is definitely getting better and better. Vlad's a very conflicted young man, yet he's also a typical teen in many ways. When he watches Meredith, his former girlfriend, become interested in Joss, his heart shreds; when he kisses Snow (the goth girl from whom he's been drinking), he longs for her while knowing he still loves Meredith. And Vlad still thinks there is something good in Joss, even if it seems the slayer is determined to kill him...but it may just take the death of one or the other for Vlad to find out.
Lots and lots of action fills Eleventh Grade Burns, and new vampires are introduced who bring Vlad more information about both his parents and his future as the fabled Pravus. Brewer gives this entry a very dark tone, but it suits the situations well. And that cliffhanger ending? Killer, just killer. This series is just getting better and I'm so glad to be along to see how it all plays out.

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