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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hourglass by Claudia Gray

As soon as I finished my latest review for HNS, I dove into this gem by Claudia Gray. On one hand, I absolutely loved it, but on the other, I'm mad that I won't get the fourth book until 2011! Head and shoulders above the usual teen vampire stories out there. My Amazon review is below:

Book Three in the Evernight series, Hourglass, picks up where Stargazer left off: Bianca and Lucas, on the run from the burned Evernight Academy, are hiding out with the Black Cross vampire hunting cell responsible for the destruction. The problem? Bianca's becoming a vampire, and her need for blood compromises both their situation and their lives. Still, at least they are relatively safe until the twosome can figure out a way to escape Black Cross and just be together--that is, until Bianca's secret is exposed and the two find themselves in danger from both Black Cross and Charity, the unstable vampire who wants Bianca to complete her transformation and become a part of her "family."

Whew. Lots and lots of action in Hourglass, and also lots of running and hiding. Back for this installment are Bianca and Lucas's vampire friend Balthazar, Ranulf and Vic, Bianca's former roommate Raquel, and even Mrs. Bethany, sinister headmistress of Evernight. Besides the amount of time Bianca and Lucas must spend on the run, there is also the feeling of impending doom as Bianca's health deteriorates in the face of her decision to not become a full vampire, and the fact that the wraiths (ghosts) still believe Bianca should be theirs since her very existence is the result of a pact made with her parents. And speaking of parents, Bianca's parents play an almost non-existent role in Hourglass, which sets up intimate scenes of emotional and physical connections between Bianca and Lucas. Things are definitely changing, not always for the better, and they are packing excruciating decisions and painful separations.

Hourglass is a wonderfully engrossing book; I kept wanting to skip ahead to find out what happens next because I just couldn't read it fast enough. Definitely dark in nature, Ms. Gray is setting us up for future impossible situations that I cannot foresee any solution to at this point. If I have one problem with the book, it's that Bianca and Lucas's monetary situation is too conveniently solved, but that minor argument is more than made up for with the heart-wrenching emotional scenes. This one ends on a major, major cliffhanger and I'm not sure how I'll hold on until the next installment. Ms. Gray has given us one outstanding series and Hourglass is no exception. Highly recommended...and highly anticipating the next one!


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