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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slumpity Slump Slump

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, a slump hits and nothing you read really sticks. I've been dealing with that lately, and it's soooooo frustrating. Here I am, surrounded by a cajillion books (and that's an exact count!) and very little of it is appealing to me right now. I really wanted to read World Without End by Ken Follett (and will, I promise, later on) but the storyline, while interesting, just wasn't grabbing me. In fact, very little is grabbing me outside of YA paranormal. I think it's just the weather, or maybe my work situaiton, or the Olympics, or my shoe size, or whatever, but I refuse to force myself to read anything other than what's grabbing me. Reading shouldn't be a chore. So for now, WWE is put on the backburner, and I'm reading Heather Brewer's Eleventh Grade Burns. Which seems to be sticking... review to come soo(hopefully).


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I know what you mean. I've had a lot of books to read lately for review and none of them have been any good. This one I'm reading now is a struggle (Powers by John B. Olson). Keep trying with World Without End. It's really good. If you liked Pillars of the Earth, you should love this one too.

Hope your slump ends soon. =O)

Stepfordmomto2 said...

You never seem to have slumps when you are reading about your favorite bloodsuckers. Get back to the books you really enjoy.

Put away those dry tomes and enjoy yourself.

Nanci said...

When you do get back to World Without End, I think you'll enjoy it - I loved it. (I also thought it was better than Pillars of the Earth, the book WWE is a sequel to.)

Taminator said...

Thanks, guys. I do like World Without End--what I've read so far (around 100 pages). Can't imagine that I'll like it better than Pillars but we'll see. I do think that with all that's going on with my work right now, short and sweet bloodsuckers will keep my reading on track. I just hate quitting on a book, ya know?