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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Soul To Save

Biggest problem with this book for me? I picked it up before I read the first in the series. Arrgh. Hate it when that happens. Anyway, here's the review from Amazon:
Things seem to be working out okay in Kaylee's world lately: she's learning to work with her new life as a bean sidhe with the help of her wonderful boyfriend Nash and his mother, who is also a bean sidhe (more usually known as a banshee in everyday language). Oh, and I forgot to mention Nash's brother Tod,who happens to be a reaper and is...uh, dead. So, things aren't exactly normal for Kaylee, but at least she's learning to cope and to keep her wail (a loud scream a bean sidhe emits when a soul leaves a body) under control. But when she and Nash attend a pop concert and the singer drops dead, and Kaylee can't wail as she watches, she knows something odd is going on. The only explanation? The singer has no soul. Definitely odd, and definitely scary. My Soul to Save is the second book by Rachel Vincent to feature Kaylee and her emerging skills as a female bean sidhe.
There's a lot to like in this story: There is a lot of action, a lot of ethical choices, and even a poke at a certain franchise that spawns tons of young tween stars. Kaylee is no shrinking violet, and she forges ahead strongly, even when she's unsure of how to proceed. There are creepy characters galore, and Tod provides a good deal of sarcastic wit (and also a bit of angst with his relationship with the doomed Addison, another pop singer). The relationship between Kaylee and Nash is well written, with the physical attraction strong and Kaylee's worries very realistic. The most irritating part of the tale came with the wishy-washiness of the pop stars, though I suppose that was also realistic in some ways. But in fact, this story is a welcome entry into the paranormal young adult genre, not tied up in neat little bows but gritty and fun. I'll be looking for the next entry in the series later this year.

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