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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Olympics

The Olympics will finally come to a close tomorrow, and I will finally find time to read again. Since they started on 8/8/08, I've spent many, many hours glued to my television, watching everything from basketball to gymnastics to diving to track and field to lots and lots of swimming, and pretty much everything in between. The Olympics have been on when I've gotten up in the mornings and they are still going when I finally click off the tv late at night. I've missed many hours of sleep as I was riveted to ladies gymnastics (Nastia Liukin was robbed, I tell ya) and beach volleyball, but I still wouldn't trade the time I invested. I also found time during my planning period at school to flick on the tube and catch some equestrian events and rhythmic gymnastics, and I even provided soccer updates to our two p.e. teachers. Hey, we're Americans, and we're nothing if not obsessive about being #1.

While all this Olympic worship has been going on, my reading has suffered mightily. I *have* read, just not nearly as much as usual, and often between events. I just haven't wanted to read as much because I've been so riveted to all the sports, even events I don't normally watch that much. I don't know why this is, but every four years, I find myself watching television to excess during the Olympics and as a result, my reading just falls by the wayside. But I figure it's worth it to treat myself like this. Otherwise, I might've missed the triumph of Michael Phelps and all the other athletes who have competed. Or the moment I just witnessed when Sonia Richards just blazed by the Russians in the last few meters of the relay race. Too exciting! Go USA! Go us!

Once every four years, we're right there with the athletes, cheering them on and wondering how they do it. I guess I'm just a sucker for a good story--whether it's in the pages of a book or on the tv screen.


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Andi said...

I'm about ready to resume my normal evening activities. Like you, my mom and I (was really surprised at her) spent a lot of time watching gymnastics, swimming, and diving. It's probably a good thing they only come around every 4 years. We'd never get anything done!