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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking Dawn...No Spoilers

One of my favorite online people, Andi of Tripping Toward Lucidity, just posted a message about Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, which we are both reading (along with legions of fans of the Twilight series). Her post has prompted my own, which will probably echo hers in many respects. We both made the mistake of visiting Amazon's review page for BD; big mistake. Of course there were spoilers galore, which as a serial last page reader, really didn't bug me so much. It's the incessant whininess of the reviews, obviously written by teens who didn't get the story they'd wanted.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, of course. I don't deny anyone that pleasure. But having read several "reviews" (and how can they be considered such when 1) they are full of spoilers and 2) they just berate the author?) that seem to borrow from each other and influence further despair among said teens, I am waiting for the moment when cooler heads and rational minds decide to actually REVIEW the book. I get the feeling that most of these teens had the plot carefully planned in their own heads, and when Meyer decided to deviate from those pipe dreams, their worlds were shattered, making her THE WORST AUTHOR EVER. OMG, how are we all going to live? It won't do a bit of good to remind them that ultimately, they got what they wanted, because Meyer threw in some curves that took them on a ride they didn't meet the height requirement for.

I'm on page 185, and I have to say that the poor reviews at first made me very worried about how much I was going to like BD. I was expecting the worst. I know Bella is a drama queen and that Edward is controlling, but beyond all that, I like the stories Meyer has created and I'm happy (in general) with things as they've been written so far. I am beginning to realize my fear for this novel was wasted; I'm liking it. Despite a trip into sci-fi territory (I'm thinking specifically of a Star Trek TNG episode where Troi gave birth within 3 days), I think there's potential here for a good journey to a satisfying ending. I just started a section from Jacob's point of view, and while skeptical at first, I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I suspect many of the teenyboppers didn't care for this little tactic.

I'm really hoping that once the teens get all their own personal angst out of their systems that reviews will begin to appear that actually let people know what the NOVEL is like. While it won't be another Twilight, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be one of those who will be giving it a fairly positive review. We'll see.



Andi said...

RIGHT ON!!!! I'm enjoying it very much, too, and all the hoo-hah over at amazon was exactly as you say: a ride for which they do not meet the height requirement (love that analogy). I'm on page 400-something, and it's gooood. Loved Jacob's POV, but admittedly I'm a biased and undying (no pun intended) JB fan.

Robin said...

Wow, finally some rational readers out there! I just finished BD today and I absolutely loved it! I didn't know of any of the spoilers beforehand so I was amazed at that twists and turns Meyer's took. I loved that she made bold choices and I think that they were fitting for the characters. Though I did love the first 3, I did feel that they were more "teen" directed. BD, well, that's for us adult fans! BTW, I was an Edward fan all the way, but Jacob's section was fantastic. Especially the chapter titles!

Taminator said...

Robin, I have to agree about the chapter titles--I laughed out loud at each one. I have a whole new respect for Jacob now.

Andi, I'm sorry you're a Team Jacob member :) but I'm so glad we're seeing eye to eye on this book. I wish amazon would delete all the hysterical reviews of the teenyboppers so we could read some actual THOUGHTS. How about the guy who wants his wife's money back? Bwahahahaha!

Andi said...

LOL, Tammy. I love me some Edward, too, but I would rather curl up with Jacob personally.

And Robin, I loved Jake's chapter titles too. HILARIOUS!

Silhouette said...

I was searching for some non-spoiler BD reviews since I work at Barnes and Noble and have read the Twilight series.
I'm a 23 year old college student but hey, I got sucked into the craze.
Admittedly she does have some flaws in her writing but it's a fun read.

And I'm with Jacob. He saved the series for me. =)

Bookfool said...

The "height requirement" comment had me laughing. I've only read Twilight so I'm waaaay behind!

navychick said...

Right ON!

I finished the book in six hours; I loved it. My sister called me to discuss, and when she asked how I felt, I said "Shaken." Because I was - I felt like I'd been put through a wringer, and not even Beth dying in Little Women has ever affected me like Breaking Dawn - and I always cry at that part. And I think it's important that she asked how I "felt" versus what I thought - she knew the emotional caliber of this book.

I liked the adult tone of this book - I never could identify with teenybopper Bella. I agree that a lot of the haters are (unbelievable fickle) youth fans, but I've heard plenty of vitriol from the adults to. Mostly stuff about "breaking Fandom's hearts" - and that can only be because Meyers did not regurgitate back their envisioned end to the series.

It's great to hear some positives! I thought it was one of the best books I've ever read, far and away the best in the series.

Taminator said...

Well said, navychick! I love the bit about not regurgitating the envisioned end. I so agree. :)

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