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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why I Love Moonlight

Among the many reasons I love the tv show Moonlight (Alex O'Laughlin being the #1, of course), is the fun acting that makes me smile. Here's a prime example. Enjoy!

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Curlew Country said...

Hello Tammy! Thanks so much for popping by my blog to say hello, how great to hear from you. I'm a bit quite on the Penman blog these days as I just don't seem to get any time to read at all (can you believe that I'm even behind on Susan's books which is unheard of!)
What a gorgeous picture of you and your family, really nice to put a face to a name.
Have a good week and take care.

cj said...

Moonlight is fantastic! And I love the clip - especially the little smile on his face at the end.