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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paranormal Historical Romance (yep, you read that right)

I received Theft of Shadows by Naomi Bellis as a review novel for the Historical Novel Society, and just finished it today. The fact that it's a historical romance made me intrigued, and the fact that it's a paranormal historical romance really had me interested. While it turned out to be all right, I can't say I just loved it. It's definitely well-written, and I did enjoy the characters, though they were a bit on the cliched side. I did like the fact that it took a period in history (regency) and gave it a new spin by throwing in a paranormal aspect. Ms. Bellis certainly has talent as a romance writer; despite the occasional cringe-worthy phrase--"especially not a woman who kissed like the perfect mating of an angel and a tavern wench"--she also had range in the words she used and humor in the way she used them. While Theft of Shadows is out of my comfort zone in some ways--you KNOW I love paranormal, and you KNOW I love historical--I can say that I did enjoy it overall. I just didn't *love* it.
Here's the link to my amazon review: My review for the Historical Novel Society will be found in the pages of their periodical.


She Became a Butterfly said...

i just joined the tbr challenge, and i thought i'd check out your blog.

my friend and i just started a book lovers message board, so i thought i'd invite you!!


Taminator said...

Thanks for the invite! I'll check it out.