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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bifocal Review

I received Bifocal from Amazon as part of its Vine program. The synopsis sounded promising, and since I enjoy young adult fiction, I chose it for this month's review. I am so pleased to be able to give it a five star rating; the story of Haroon and Jay after a terrorist plot is discovered in their small town is intriguing and could be taken from today's headlines. Told in alternating chapters from Jay's and Haroon's points of view, we see how prejudice grows once it's nurtured by those in charge. Excellent, thought-provoking, and timely, this one should be read by high school students everywhere. My amazon review can be found at If you enjoy young adult fiction at all, pick up this book now. It's well written and well told.



Teddy Rose said...

This book sounds like it has an interesting premise. Thanks for the review.


christinemm said...

Hello, I just finished reading the book, also for the Vine program (received mine in late February). I am struggling to write the review, so far mine is too lengthy for Amazon. I came online to see how others liked the book.

Nice to 'meet' you.