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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Heads Up!

I've been enjoying myself immensely over the past few days at school. With a student teacher, I'm not tied to my room so I've been visiting everybody. Vonda came by with her baby yesterday and we toured the school, ducking Dr. Hutson who was in the building for a principals' meeting. Why do I still avoid her? Because she's toxic, that's why. Some people just are. They should carry warning labels.

I am soooo not looking forward to all this band crap this weekend. Where's my life? Stuck under a rock somewhere apparently. I'm hoping I will have a good time but honestly some of these people just need a life (not mine). That's including my friend A.M. I value my free-time so much more than these people seem to. Why is that?

I like the book I'm reading but it's just not compelling me to pick it up. I watched Ghost Hunters last night instead of reading. Why? Well, I like the guys on Ghost Hunters (they are funny and professional) and I really want some evidence. Are ghosts real? And if they are, why are they here? Hmmmmm....must contemplate this some more.

I'll report back after the band day from hell on Saturday. Hopefully there will be something positive to report. I doubt it. :(

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