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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Educational Thoughts Part Deux

Tee hee hee! You never know what you might get when you sit back and let stuff happen without getting all pissy about it. Yesterday I was all pissed about the new absentee rules at school and today, it looks like in the wake of all this, we may be getting back our old schedules! Yeah!!! This will make our schedules like last year's, where we didn't have students until 9 and I could run the TV studio before school (which I really liked doing). Barry seems to have seen that we're on a collision course with academics if we are forced to take care of the absences/attendance in the a.m. like we've had to the past few days and he's willing to quietly buck the system. Stay tuned....and let's hope we don't get screwed after all over this.


The fruit of silence is prayer,The fruit of prayer is faith,The fruit of faith is love andThe fruit of love is silence. - Mother Teresa

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joecurtiss said...

heay. i like your quote.