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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snuck in a Titanic Book

Iceberg Right Ahead! may be aimed mostly at children (specifically ages 8-12), but it is a wonderful addition to any Titanic buff's collection. Author Stephanie Sammartino McPherson follows the story of the creation of the great ship right through its most recent developments and what a journey it is! Illustrated beautifully throughout with photographs and recreations of drawings and paintings, the doomed liner is brought to life through detailed accounts of survivors and careful research. Ms. McPherson adds lots of facts about how debate has arisen over the exact way the Titanic sank, and she doesn't shy away from the less savory aspects and people (including how J. Bruce Ismay was derided for leaving the dying ship). I particularly enjoyed the stories of what happened to some of the survivors, including many of the officers.

There really isn't anything too terribly revealing or new in Iceberg Right Ahead! and yet it's incredibly absorbing. At just over 100 pages, it is chock full of anecdotes and trivia and interviews, written in such a way that a younger reader will get the essence of what happened and yet still engage any older reader (like me) who loves to read anything and everything Titanic. It's fairly comprehensive in its telling, and even describes the debate about the retrieved artifacts. For those looking to learn as much as possible as the centenary of the sinking approaches, this gem is a good place to add to their knowledge. Recommended.


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