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Thursday, February 02, 2012

And....It's Clicking!

Ever have a book that, for whatever reason, just fails to click even though you like the premise and even the author?  For me, that book was Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. When I first picked this book up last summer, it *seemed* to be one I'd love--snarky, humorous, young adult--but I only got ten pages or so in before I set it aside. It just wasn't working, and I wasn't interested.

And then...for some reason when I finished my latest read, The Rebel Wife, Beauty Queens started calling to me from its place on the shelf near my bed. Not sure why, but my thoughts kept traveling back to the premise and the fact that Libba Bray wrote a marvelous trilogy (The Gemma Doyle books) that I really enjoyed a few years back. So last night I decided I needed to go back to this over-the-top novel of Miss Teen Dream contestants stranded on an island after a plane crash, and it was obvious within those same first ten pages that this time, it was gonna click. I'm so thrilled--I dislike giving up on a book unless it's terribly dreadful, and I never thought Beauty Queens was that. It was just the wrong book at the wrong time, and for whatever reason, the reading stars have decided that now is the time it's going to work for me.

Have you ever had this happen? Have you ever gone back to a book after giving up and found that now it's going to click? Any theories on why this is? I suspect it's just life--maybe I'd read too many young adult books before and needed a change, or maybe it was my yearlong slump of 2011 or maybe my snark-o-meter was not set high enough. Whatever it is, I'm so glad that I can finally get into this one and get it read and reviewed for Amazon Vine. I'm feeling pretty darned pleased with myself...and with Beauty Queens.


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Bookfool said...

All the time. Actually, that's one reason I decided to back off on review books. A lot of them appealed to me (obviously, or I wouldn't have requested them) but weren't doing it for me. But, it's *always* been my habit to give any book that isn't totally horrid a second chance, so I'll eventually read most books I acquire. Glad this one's finally clicking.