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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mt. TBR...One View

Sitting here on my bed (favorite spot in the house) and I thought...why not share my view? So this is Mt.TBR, the side of the bed version. I really need to sort through it again and get rid of some books I now know I'll never read, but it's just such a big.undertaking.  I can't force myself to do it.  I'm so weak willed, I can't even stop new books from coming into the house! Arrrrrgh.

Anyway, Angus loves lording it over the outside birds and the books, using his regal pose to show he's king of the house.



Marg said...

I am standing with you in solidarity. I have piles of books everywhere, find it incredibly difficult to cull, and yes, lots of books coming in!

Bookfool said...

Ah, yes. We all suffer from that TBR problem, I suppose. You have a Titanic book on top!!! Can't wait to hear about that one!!