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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Review of Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes

Antiques Roadshow is one of my favorites; I love the stories, the history, the antiques, and the appraisers! So I eagerly snapped up this copy of Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes when it became available through Amazon Vine's program, and read it within a day. While it didn't really reveal too much I didn't already know, I can say it has added to my overall enjoyment of the television show to know what all goes into producing just one episode.

Written by producer Marsha Bemko, Behind the Scenes explores...well, behind the scenes of the long running PBS show. We get the details of how sites are chosen, how equipment is moved, and how tickets are obtained. Quite frankly, some of this was not all that exciting, but I did come away with the understanding that what I actually see on my screen is only a tiny bit of what the appraisers and producers actually encounter in a typical shooting day. Bemko gives us the reasons people and items are chosen (it's got to be good tv!) and how the appraisers approach her as to why they should have a segment taped. I especially enjoyed knowing what tips the appraisers gave for getting on air, and what happened to some of the big ticket items after the show aired. I also am alive with curiosity over the items discussed within the book that never made it to air--I want to know more about them! And naturally, the interviews with the appraisers were intriguing and fun. Got to love those Keno brothers!

This book is a wealth of information for all lovers of the television show, and just a plain fun look at what goes on behind the scenes. I can highly recommend it for those who love antiques and especially, Antiques Roadshow! Now if only I can find something valuable lying around my house that will make those appraisers sit up and take notice...


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