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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seeking Spirits

Fans of SyFy's Ghost Hunters series will know Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as the two founding members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). SyFy has followed the guys around for five seasons now, watching them debunk hauntings and experiencing the unexplainable. Now they are back with their second book, Seeking Spirits, which details some of the cases they took on before there was a television show, and Grant (notoriously quiet on this topic) finally reveals his own wild experience with the paranormal at an early age.
This book is told by both Jason and Grant, and the cases usually play out within ten pages or less. Some of the tales are about debunkings (I particularly liked the one with the woman who heard late night moanings), and some are of the more spectral sort. I found myself wondering where the tapes are that show, for instance, the shadow stacking pots and pans in a kitchen--it'd be terrific if SyFy used some of the old footage in a new special on the early days. The book is also filled with advice and definitions for those who are interested, as well as the backstories of how Steve and Krysten became active members of TAPS.
Short and intriguing, Seeking Spirits fills in the history of TAPS and gives us inside information on some encounters we may have heard a little about but never fully understood. While it's certainly not a literary masterpiece, it is a quick, fun read that helped me to understand some of the differences in human and demonic hauntings. Jay and Grant have had some wild experiences in their days of investigating the paranormal, and this book helps illuminate the time before they became the famous Roto Rooting investigators they are today.

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Andi said...

MUST read this one! I completely love Ghost Hunters, so this is right up my alley.