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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vamps, Vamps, Everywhere! (Okay, I'm out of ideas for titles, people)

Book Three of the Morganville Vampires series picks up just after Claire Danvers, the almost seventeen year old early admittance college student, signs a contract with the Founder, aka the Head Vampire, Amelie. Basically, what's she done is sign away her life, but she's done it for a good cause: she believes that her actions will save her three housemates from the vampires. Only now one of the housemates, Michael, IS a vampire, and Shane and Eve are violently against making any deals with the undead. So what has Claire done?

Welcome to Morganville, a town run by vampires and a place where you might find yourself as lunch if you aren't careful. Claire, unfortunately, hasn't been very careful, but her new contract with Amelie aims to fix that. And in fact, things start off well, in that Claire is bumped into more accelerated classes, which she finds pleasing; the downside is that she is given as an apprentice to Myrnin, a slightly odd, vaguely dangerous vampire. It's imperative that Claire learn as much as she can from Myrnin, but as the sessions go on, it becomes clearer that there is something more wrong than usual with the vamp. Will Claire survive her lessons with him? What is he trying to teach her? All her questions lead to a big conclusion that ultimately puts Claire and the entire vampire community in danger.

As per usual, I raced through Midnight Alley. I love that the story moves along so quickly and I love the interactions between the four roomies. If I get frustrated at times, it is with the continuing presence of the annoying Monica and the illogical turns Claire sometimes takes. There's some minor drug use going on in this one, and the user will undoubtedly surprise some people. But overall this series just continues to improve and capture me from the first pages. This book actually earns a very solid 4.5 stars. On to the next!

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