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Monday, June 08, 2009

Me and My Vampires

So, here I am, finishing yet another in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series; why on earth this particular series captures me, I'll never know. It's not particularly well written and at times it's fairly annoying, with its modern/current references and the repetitions. But yet...yet...who knows why the books we read appeal to us? It is filled with luscious vampires, and it qualifies as good summer trashy reading. I wish I had some highbrow reason for liking this series (even this one, which is probably the weakest one I've read so far), but the truth is I JUST LIKE THESE BOOKS. So there.
Below is my full review, also posted on Amazon.
Lover Unbound, the fifth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, tells us the story of Vishous (V) and his path to love in the arms of Dr. Jane Whitcomb. I'll begin my review by saying that any BDB book is a treat, and I always end up loving them, despite any flaws that may appear. Unfortunately, I felt like V's story never really got to me like I'd hoped it would. Vishous is known for his technical skills, his facial tattoos, his gloved hand, and his solitary, slightly deviant sexual preferences. His past is well hidden until he discovers the very unnerving fact that he is the son of the Scribe Virgin... and he's been selected to become the Primale, a sort of breeding bull for the Chosen. V's not happy about any of this, and his anger leads to putting himself in danger while fighting lessers. When he is nearly mortally wounded, V finds himself in a human hospital under the capable hands of Dr. Jane, with whom he forms an instant bond. Naturally the Brotherhood can't leave a vampire in a human hospital, but Vishous won't leave without Dr. Jane so she is brought to the mansion unwillingly. Thus is the set up for forbidden romance between a strong vampire and a human doctor.
It's not that I didn't like this book; I actually ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I just didn't understand the connection between V and Jane; while I liked her, I felt like the instaneous attraction was just odd, at least in the beginning. I thought V and Jane were well-suited, however, once the relationship began to develop. I didn't care for the history of Vishous, mostly because of the way it was written; something that took place 300 years ago felt positively medieval in tone and voice. The whole Primale issue was a bit on the icky side for me as well with all the automaton maidens waiting around to be used by the males. And of course the odd way Jane and V eventually are able to be together was a bit much, even if it is very creative. But I liked how events tied up with the Scribe Virgin, and I liked the build up for Book 6. In actuality I would give this one a 3.5 if I could. On to the next!


Teddy Rose said...

I would start to worry about you if you didn't review a vampire book every once in awhile. LOL!

Teddy Rose said...

PS now that our yahoo group is no more I will be following your blog more closely.

Kris said...

perhaps I need to try this series. haha!