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Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Lord of Misrule, Book 5 in the Morganville Vampires series, picks up with the town of Morganville literally burning around the heads of our quartet of friends: Claire, Shane, Michael, and Eve. Amelie, the vampire in charge of Morganville, must fight against her father, Bishop, in order to maintain control of the town, and she must rely on not just Claire and her friends but also the loyalty of the other vamps in town, including the ever unpredictable Myrnin. But as time passes, it becomes clear that Bishop's got his own hold on some of the vamps, and many of the humans are in revolt as well. Claire and her friends must make life or death decisions in order to protect not only themselves but the ones they love from certain destruction in the vampire battle.

Lord of Misrule is fast paced and action packed; filled with its own drama, it's also a bridge to the ultimate fate of the vampires in Morganville. Claire's called upon to help Amelie but finds herself in grave danger, facing down Bishop and his minions even while enduring a major storm. The chaos keeps coming and naturally the book ends on a cliffhanger, making it very good for me to have #6 close at hand. I love the depth of the relationship between Claire and Shane, and I love how Claire's learned to stand up for herself and those she loves. Her parents are fairly extraneous to the story but everyone else is present and accounted for; I can hardly wait to find out what side Myrnin is really on. Definitely fun and entertaining and I'm ready for more!

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