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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Time Wasters

Because the only thing going slower than the minutes ticking by to indicate freedom in the form of winter break is my reading of Laura Whitcomb's The Fetch, I've decided I must share some holiday frivolity with everyone. So here is not one, but two fun time wasters to indulge in until I eventually finish this book (which generally isn't bad, but I'm pretty let down, honestly, especially since I adored her A Certain Slant of Light).

Snow Globe (I'm having to insert the url as blogger is for some bizarre reason, inserting a in front of every link I try to insert...oh joy). I like to pretend it's my 8th graders flying around inside. Be sure and watch the scenario happening inside as well...the snowman is pretty carnivorous.

Make-a-Snowflake (My classes had tons of fun with this one today. You'd think 8th graders would scoff at such childish fun, but oh no. They ate it up. I have to say, they made some truly coolio designs that I wish I could duplicate).

~taminator40 (brain dead and exhausted)

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