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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tradition #1

When Hannah was very little, Jeff started the Christmas tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies with her. She often ended up covered in flour and icing, but she was always pleased to have her own cookies to offer Santa on Christmas Eve. After Katherine was born, she also became involved in this annual tradition, and if we thought Hannah was a messy "cook", Katherine literally took the cake (and the cookie and pretty much everything else). We have a memorable picture of Katherine shirtless while decorating because we'd finally realized more was going onto her pajamas than on the cookies. But she was happy.

Tonight was the 2008 version of cookie decorating. You'd think that at age seventeen, Hannah'd be bored with the whole episode, but oh no. The only thing she's "bored" with is her mother with camera in hand, capturing the moment again for posterity. You don't let 17 Christmases (we don't count the first one) go without recording the moment, regardless of what she complains about. In fact, she was downright surly at first about having her picture made until I threatened to post it to Facebook. Cooperation guaranteed.

Jeff's a great dad, and he's always right in there with them. I suspect that even after Hannah goes off to college next fall, she'll come home ready to decorate Christmas cookies. And there I'll be, camera in hand, ready to capture the moment once again.
Life doesn't get much better than this.


Andi said...

That's a great tradition. What fun!

Merry Christmas to you and the family, Tammy!

Les said...

What wonderful memories your building for your girls!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Tammy.