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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sword Song!

The more I think about Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell, the more I like it. Of course it is the fourth book in the series, which means I've had to like *something* or I wouldn't have kept reading for so long. And I admit that there were a few times while I was reading this that I was mentally comparing it to the previous novels and it wasn't stacking up nearly as well. But then...then...I started getting into the action and suddenly I was as caught up as ever. Uhtred is a hero to cheer on; he's always true to his ideals and that's what I admire most. Despite the plethora of gore, I was captivated by the fighting and maneuvering, and I'm sure I'll be eagerly searching out the next novel when it arrives. I can recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a good historical novel complete with good guys, evil ones, battles, sneak attacks, true love, and undead messengers. My amazon review can be found at

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panacea said...

Thank Goodness!!! I positive review at last. I loved it - my OH listened the 1st 3 on route to work and back, so I got totally drawn in to the whole thing. Have to say that it was a wee bit disappointing not to have the same narrator for Lords Of The North... but it made me all keen to read Sword Song when it came out. I wasn't disappointed :-)