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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yeah, It's Another Titanic Book...Obsession Is Completely Admitted

I admit it--I read all things Titanic, whether for adults or children. This book caught my eye in a store display last week and the added bonus of an interactive CD sealed the deal for purchase. And what a great little resource it is! It doesn't go very deeply into the entire story, instead focusing mostly on the actual ship itself--the construction, the areas of the ship, and the ship's final moments. There are anecdotes from crew and passengers, with vintage photographs and artists' representations making it gloriously eye-catching. I especially appreciated the fold-out pages that made it easier to see the layout of the ship; all of the pages are high quality and filled with information. The CD is a 360 degree tour of various areas of the ship, including deck areas, the swimming pool, and the first class dining area. I would have liked to have been taken inside a cabin but overall I cannot complain with the sharpness of the CD and the way it makes one feel as though you're standing aboard the ship. In a sea of Titanica, this book is one to be savored by both children and adults.


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