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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Notice anything?

I recently read (but didn't especially care for) Cynthia Letitch Smith's Tantalize, but I did think it had a beautiful cover. I even thought that if the girl on the cover was a real person, she's just gorgeous. And then I didn't give it much thought until I heard that Julie Hearn (The Minister's Daughter, which I loved) has a new novel, Ivy, coming out. So I dutifully headed to Amazon and guess what I found?

Notice anything? Since there are used copies of Ivy available now through Amazon Marketplace, my assumption is that it was first published in the UK using basically the same cover (right down to the wisps of hair). I could've pre-ordered the version that's soon to be available here in the US, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to examine the cover that is a mirror-image of Tantalize. I ordered Ivy and am anxiously awaiting its delivery.

I am sure someone out there will have a good reason for duplicating the cover, and I know Elizabeth Chadwick has seen some of her covers appear on other books in different countries. I'm curious that two books aimed at young adults should use the same cover in so close a time period, though. Hopefully someone will be able to give me a heads up.

BTW, if you are curious, here is the cover that is being marketed on Amazon's pre-order:

It's definitely eye-catching as well!

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Booklogged said...

That is very weird about those 2 covers. I've seen similar covers before but never identical. Like you say - it's crazy since they are so close to each other in time.