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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The September Girls Review

The September Girls by Maureen Lee is just what I needed right now...a truly wonderful family saga following two girls born in the same house on the same night in 1920 and stretching through the World War Two years. Very reminiscent of Rosamund Pilcher's writing, this book grabbed me from page one and literally crawled into every pore of my being as I enveloped myself in the lives of these two families. I loved how the author tied the two families together: one rich, one poor, but bonded over children and crumbling marriages and hopes and dreams. We got to see the devastation of Liverpool as the bombs fell and the fortitude of its citizens as they resisted being brought down by Hitler's forces. We see Cara and Sybil, the two daughters, grow into very different young women who are ultimately forced together through military service, and we follow them as choices are made which affect both of them forever. I cannot recommend this book highly's compelling and well-crafted, and I will be adding more of Maureen Lee's books to my mountain of reading material.
My amazon review is found at I hope you'll stop by and give it a look because I go into more depth of the story and basically just wax on about how special this one is. It's going on the keeper shelf!

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